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THEME 2024



Embark on an extraordinary journey beyond the constraints of time and space as we explore the boundless creativity of poster design equipped with the power of time travel.

What wonders await in the future, and how might designers harness their imagination to shape the world yet to come? 

Imagine that you have been bestowed with a remarkable gift: a time-travel machine that propels you into the future. How would this newfound ability influence your creative process, and what remarkable designs would you craft with insights from tomorrow's world? 

Join us on this exhilarating voyage through time and space, where imagination knows no bounds and the future is limited only by the depths of your creativity. By projecting yourself into the future, you can explore speculative design ideas and create innovative visuals that reflect potential technological advancements, culture, and society. Dare to dream, dare to design, and let your vision illuminate the path to a future yet unwritten. Ride the Time-Traveling machine of your wild Imagination. 


Your challenge is conceptualizing and designing a poster that reflects the awe-inspiring fusion of time travel.

Transport viewers into a future of innovation, discovery, and limitless potential through your visionary artwork.



  • Your poster should creatively explore the theme of time travel, focusing on the future as the primary source of inspiration.

  • Consider how advancements in technology, society, and culture might shape the visual landscape of the future, and incorporate these elements into your poster.

  • Experiment with futuristic aesthetics, speculative concepts, and imaginative storytelling to captivate viewers and ignite their curiosity.

  • Showcase the transformative power of posters to transcend temporal boundaries and shape the world of tomorrow.

  • Submissions should demonstrate originality, creativity, and technical proficiency in poster design.

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