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Lefteris is a designer, lecturer, and podcaster. As a designer, he has worked internationally with multinational corporations, advertising agencies, cultural organizations, publishers, and start-ups.

As a lecturer, he is currently the course director of Graphic Design and illustration degrees at Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom. He encourages students to develop individual responses to the challenges of communicating information and visual language in vivid, appropriate, and exciting ways and has also taught in Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, China, and Spain.

He is also the founder of the New Art School founded in 2009, a community of like-minded individuals committed to creating the next generation of artists and designers through a curriculum that is centered on observation and hand, heart, and eye coordination. Today’s designers must have a deep understanding of both traditional and digital skills and fully engage with the new technologies that are reshaping our lives. In 2019 he also founded the Design Education Forum that brings specialists from all over the world, to share their teaching experience and their similarities and differences in teaching Art and Design at an international level, while rediscovering the common language of visual communication and proposing creative, direct and applicable solutions to the many challenges that affect design education today. 

As a podcaster, he is the founder, producer, and host of the Design Education Talks podcast and the producer and host of the Designer Talks podcast by the Chartered Society of Designers in the United Kingdom.

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